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KU300 UV DTF Printer

KU300 UV DTF PRINTER label printer

  • 4 colors+white ink+varnish
  • Maximum print width is 300mm
  • 1440 DPI High precision
  • Fast Speed






Leading DIY trend
The crystal label can stick on variety of materials with different shape

Crystal label transfer is a kind of pressure-sensitive UV transfer sticker, which can leave words when pealing and has a 3D relief effect. Basically everything we see in our daily life has printed logo and text, which involves all aspects of everyone’s life. In all aspects, crystal labels have a three-dimensional glossy appearance that is different from the traditional silk screen printing process, which can easily make the packaging more refined and beautiful, increase the added value of the product, and attract consumers to purchase.
Whether it is a special-shaped bottle or an outer packaging made of various materials, almost all crystal labels can be transferred, and there is no batch quantity limit, which effectively reduces the difficulty of special-shaped printing and the difficulty of small batch customization. It breaks through the limitations of time and space. As long as you have a crystal mark in your hand, you can customize product packaging anytime and anywhere. This advantage cannot be achieved by traditional silk screen printing technology.



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