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X4-T604 DTF Printer and Powder Shaker

High speed four heads heat transfer powder shaking machine

Process features of white ink heat transfer:

  • High color density, bright colors, clear printing of small characters
  • White ink has good whiteness, no color cast, and better coverage
  • The white ink is well compatible with color inks
  • Suitable for dry cleaning and water cleaning, sweat resistance
  • Suitable for variety of heat transfer film

Machine Features:

  • 2 printhead I3200/ 4 printhead I3200 available
  • CMYK+WHITE INK/ Fluorescent colors (Available)
  • Maximum printing width: 60cm/24 inches
  • White ink circulation system
  • Low ink alarm
  • Automatic nozzles protection
  • Air purifier integrated (Available)


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